Keep Striving International

Painting the school of Mundito from Edna Bissoon on Vimeo.


Sourcing Clay for Construction of Classroom - KSI from Edna Bissoon on Vimeo.


Keep Striving International (KSI) is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization aimed at helping students improve their quality of life through support of educational success.

  • Challenge: Students in the greatest need are those that live in rural low-resource nations such as those in Latin America and Africa. Due to widespread poverty, political unrest, health epidemics and many other multifaceted factors, education falls through the cracks. In the DR, 30% of youth aged 15-24 have not completed primary school and 40% have not completed secondary school.
  • Goal: To provide Educational Opportunities to students in rural parts of low-resource nations through infrastructural projects, donations of school supplies and books as well as scholarships. We are working with 2 schools for now but as we grow in size our goal is to expand to many primary and secondary schools around the world. In Dominican Republic we work with Mundito a primary school in Santa Elena, Barahona and in Ghana we work with La Yahoushua a Secondary School (Middle School) in Accra. At KSI, we strive to give the support our students need in order to further their education so that they can be healthy and successful parts of their society. 
  • Contributions: All donations go directly to projects and resources that will help the students of Mundito and La Yahoushua. 
  • Mantra:  Keep Striving! We at KSI believe that no matter how disenfranchised or what obstacles students face, the human mind and energy is so powerful that all can be overcome. If students keep striving, the universe will help them connect the dots and that's where you come in - Your donations will help students achieve their inner potential and educational success. 







Our Goals

We support students in low resource nations by supporting their education, which will improve their quality of life and allow them to climb out of poverty. We carry out infrastructural projects, donate school supplies and books as well as scholarships.


We promise to only send you good things!