Keep Striving International

  • The Beginning: Keep Striving International was founded in 2011 and has slowly grown through years of experience, opportunities as well as challenges. The goal however, has always remained the same, to help disenfranchised students climb out of poverty and improve their quality of life through education. Edna, the founder of KSI volunteered as a Science teacher at La Yahoushua Secondary School in Accra, Ghana. She witnessed the economic hardships faced by young children in Ghana where most public schools lack basic resources. KSI was created in order to improve the infrastructure of rural schools, provide learning materials and support students through their educational journey. 
  • Currently: KSI is currently working with Mundito, a primary school in Dominican Republic and La Yahoushua, a middle school in Ghana, West Africa.
  • The Future: In the future we would like to expand to other low-resource nations in other parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia because we believe that education is the ultimate equalizer that can help anyone, anywhere no matter how disenfranchised to rise above their socio-economic constraints and improve their dire circumstances through sheer determination, hard work and unwavering belief in one's self.


Our Goals

We support students in low resource nations by supporting their education, which will improve their quality of life and allow them to climb out of poverty. We carry out infrastructural projects, donate school supplies and books as well as scholarships.


We promise to only send you good things!