Keep Striving International

Help Build a Cafeteria

Help schools provide breakfast and lunch. 


Your Contribution:

  • Your donation will go towards the construction of a cafeteria with a proper kitchen that can accommodate the student body.
  • With enough supporters for this project, we can build a cafeteria.

How you help:

This donation will help towards constructing a school cafeteria.

Many students in rural parts of low resource nations go to school hungry. We are trying to change that. By building a cafeteria on school premises, teachers can ensure that students are getting the nutrition they deserve, which is a basic human right. 

Pictured above is the current kitchen used by Mundito in Dominican Republic to cook breakfast and lunch. This food prep area is severely under-resourced and there is no space for students to eat.


Thank you. Because of you our students will KEEP STRIVING!

Our Goals

We support students in low resource nations by supporting their education, which will improve their quality of life and allow them to climb out of poverty. We carry out infrastructural projects, donate school supplies and books as well as scholarships.


We promise to only send you good things!