Keep Striving International


Because you can't attend without one...


Your Contribution:

1 top and 1 bottom for either a boy or girl. 

How you help:

Wearing a uniform is mandatory to attend Mundito and La Yahoushua. For this reason, many students do not attend if they cannot afford one.

Also, children in primary and secondary school are constantly growing so many need a new uniform each year. By providing a uniform to a student you ease the burden on them and their families, which enable them to attend school while feeling good about themselves because their uniforms are clean and fit properly. 


Thank you. Because of you our students will KEEP STRIVING!

Our Goals

We support students in low resource nations by supporting their education, which will improve their quality of life and allow them to climb out of poverty. We carry out infrastructural projects, donate school supplies and books as well as scholarships.


We promise to only send you good things!